Become a Beta Reader for Moral Valhalla

First of all, I would like to say thank you for considering to become a beta reader for my book Moral Valhalla. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

Below, I will list a short overview of the book, the beta reading process, and a gallery of quotes to give you a taste of the book itself. If, after reading, you would like to become a beta reader then please get in touch via the form at the bottom and I’ll get back to you.


Moral Valhalla is a historical fiction novel, based in the worlds of Viking Age Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England.

The story follows the entwining paths of five characters, Aedwulf, Erik, Bjórr, Luzio, and Ava. Each of these characters plays a different role in their respective societies, ranging from the pressures of royalty to the sacrifices of nunhood. However, they are brought together through the guiding, and sometimes brutal, hands of fate, chance, and choice.

This journey is an exploration of human authorship, how we build our lives based on what we think is the right, or best thing to do, and the clashes that this can bring against others doing the same. It highlights the important role that love, struggles, growth, and relationships play in the fight we are all in to create a life that is closer to heaven than it is to hell.

Disclaimer: This story contains sensitive material that may offend or upset. If you feel this may be a problem, please let me know in your message and I can discuss this with you in more detail.

The Process

As a beta reader, I will be kindly asking you to produce honest, thorough feedback on the book as you read through it. This way, I can make sure the book is as good as it can be before I pursue the next step towards publication.

The process will comprise me sending you the book in two chapter increments for you to read and feedback on. These chapters will be accompanied by a short questionnaire per chapter (four to five questions) for you to fill out once you have finished reading the relevant chapter. It would be best practice to fill out the questionnaire the moment you finish the chapter so everything is still fresh! Once you have sent these back, I will send you the next two chapters and the process will repeat.

The ideal timeframe would be one week reading time for both chapters (average chapter length around 3,000 words), but, as I fully appreciate your time and effort, this is flexible. Also, if you feel this is too long then we can work to a shorter timeframe, If you would like to stop at any time, please just let me know as this isn’t a problem.

It is worth noting that this book is 22 chapters long, currently around 71,000 words.

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